Jessica, The Author
Jessica is a writer, editor, and analytic thinker. She truly believes that “nature is neat!” and counts all things related to the outdoors among her greatest passions. Jessica loves sampling global cuisine, which she then deconstructs and recreates at home for her family and friends. Having grown up in a military family, the desire to experience other cultures and travel is rooted deep within her. She’s a coffee snob, humane society volunteer, lover of snail mail, true crime buff, terrarium maker, lover of all things arts and craft, avid reader, and a dog mom.

Andy, The Calming Force
Andy is Jessica’s other half and partner in crime. He has masted the art of not “sweating the small stuff.” He truly is a calming force in stressful situations. Andy is an Air Force veteran, pilot, engineer, problem solving master, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, avid bicyclist, and seeker of fresh powder (snow!). Andy has been teaching himself how to play guitar, and recently took up tennis. Andy shares Jessica’s love for nature and her desire to explore the world.


Stevie Mix, The Side Kick and Chupaterra
Stevie Mix is a 12-pound terrier-mix rescue. She was found wandering the streets of PG County, Maryland in the middle of a “Polar Vortex.” Stevie Mix is very vocal, often grumbling and chirping her excitement or dissatisfaction. She loves rolling in freshly cut grass, warm towels from the dryer, flushing birds, digging holes on sandy beaches, fresh veggies (especially bell peppers), barking at deer, chasing squirrels, getting frogs to hop, and chomping grasshoppers (when she can catch them). She also loves snuggling and tucking herself into her bed.

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